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Details for NSN: 6230-00-088-5200

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  Part Information
Part Name:  LIGHT,DESK
Shelf Life: 
Unit of Measure:  EA
Minimum Order Quantity: 
Federal Supply Class (FSC): 
6230 - Electric Portable and Hand Lighting Equipment

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Part Number Alternate Description Manf. Qty Price
R106P7NL    5306005159792   BOLT, MACHINE   VAN PETTY    50     Click To Buy
M39014/05-2284    5910003059796   CAPACITOR, FIXE   KEMET ELEC   82     Click To Buy
NAS1833-06-500M    5325013397842   INSERT, PANEL,    THE YOUNG    153     Click To Buy
627221315-001    5310010143998   NUT, PLAIN, ROU   PRECI-MFG    20     Click To Buy
24346-500N    5330001117438   GASKET   AEROQUIP C   8     Click To Buy
50251500    4330013478607   FILTER, ELEMENT   HATZ DIESE   33     Click To Buy
ST9M621-500    5365011810851   PLUG, BUTTON   HEYCO MOLD   1935     Click To Buy
334S643    5305002065006   SCREW, CAP, SOC   SAFETY SOC   842     Click To Buy
SED5007    5355012315007   DIAL, CONTROL   SUPREME ED   22     Click To Buy
8126500    5365011454744   SPACER, SLEEVE   BANNER MAC   461     Click To Buy
MS16625-1500    5325002526865   RING, RETAINING   ROTOR CLIP   2160     Click To Buy
NAS6804U15    5306013597996   BOLT   BUTLER INC   256     Click To Buy
5046301303S    5970015979307   SLEEVING, TEXTI   FEDERAL-MO   369     Click To Buy
NAS6706U44    5306003265005   BOLT, SHEAR   LFC INDUST   28     Click To Buy
08-201500    5306008915574   BOLT, MACHINE   WILSON-GAR   562     Click To Buy
LTX1965-002    6240013679626   LAMP, CARTRIDGE   LAMPTRONIX   2914     Click To Buy
MS16631-1500    5325009145837   RING, RETAINING   ROTOR CLIP   202     Click To Buy
3M1324J6    5310015431500   NUT, PLAIN, HEX   NELSON AER   2     Click To Buy
ST4M166-5-007    3120002707725   BUSHING, CLAMP   FITZ MANUF   1177     Click To Buy
ST3M404C10    5310003105979   NUT, PLAIN, SLO   AUTOMATIC    199     Click To Buy
AN565A1032H10    5305-01-359-7994   SETSCREW      0     Click For Quote
12339409    5330011846500   gasket      1     Click For Quote
MS51957-28B    5305-00-448-6500   SCREW      0     Click For Quote
NAS1197-516L    5310-00-812-1500   WASHER      0     Click For Quote
NAS70C261-500       WASHER      0     Click For Quote

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